Bedspread vs Comforter

Bedspread vs Comforter

I want the best quilt on my bed! I mean why would I deny myself the pleasure of a good night's sleep when all my mind and body need is a place where I feel comfortable and cozy. 

A quilt, indeed, is the bedding essential that brings the ‘My Happy Place’ vibe to your bedroom by just being there, resting on your bed. But which quilt should you really opt for? 

The choice of duvet is pretty much influenced by the use of it. When purchasing a duvet, you might get confused between a bedspread and a comforter. Aren’t they both just quilts? Then why do we have assigned them with different names? Let’s have a brief introduction to these bedding products.


A bedspread is a lightweight quilt with 150 GSM Siliconised Polyester Fiber. These quilts are actually multifunctional since they can be used as foamy sheets and to accentuate a range of colours and patterns when styled by folding in half. They are best for use in air conditioned rooms in summer or even when the seasons are changing and you can’t decide whether to sleep with a fan on or off; simply turn on the fan, take a bedspread over and enjoy a sweat and freeze free sleepy night!


The winter snuggle buddy having a thicker filling to protect you from freezing wintery nights and helping you doze off to your dreamy land. Comforters are filled with 350 GSM filling. Being thick does not mean they’d prove to make you seat the night but the siliconised polyester fiber will still make these quilts breathable.

Which one to buy?

Ask yourself which one is the need of the time. Summer? Buy a bedspread. Winter? Get yourself a comforter. But what if it gets heavy on the pocket? Simply invest in fillings and use them with duvet covers. 

Happy shopping, T-Fam!