How to sleep better with Tulips

How to sleep better with Tulips

There was a man who didn’t know how to sleep; nodding off every night into a drab, unprofessional sleep. Sleep that he’d grown so tired of sleeping.

Are you this man, too? Well, we hope not! You see, sleep is a luxury that can be acquired by anyone but very few of us enjoy the bliss of slipping into this delighted ecstasy. Before you hop on to this venture, let’s list down some factors that arise when you avoid a good night sleep.

  1. Disturbance in your survival mechanism
  2. Malfunctioning of your brain 
  3. Constant tiredness, hence affecting your physical health
  4. Psychological effects on your life –  irritability, moodiness and temper issues

The list can go on and we can never really fully pen down the drastic effects that deprivation of sleep can cause in declining your intelligence, physical and emotional health. 

Good Habits = Great Sleep

If an apple a day can keep your doctor away, we believe adopting good sleeping habits will have the same effect. Some minor factors can be avoided when you keep good sleeping habits accompanied by creating a pool of environment that keeps your nerves all calmed down and relaxed.

Keep A Sleep Routine

Sleep problems can be defeated with the creation of a sleep routine. This can be achieved with the following recommendations

  1. Establish a religious routine for your bedtime that allows you a window of 8 hours to sleep
  2. Avoid caffeine or other nicotine close to your bedtime
  3. Take your dinner 3 hours prior to your sleep schedule
  4. Eliminate screens from your bedroom
  5. Exercise before going to bed so you fall asleep as soon as you hit your pillow.

Improve Your Sleep Environment

In addition to impact sleep hygiene practices, an ideal sleep environment is achieved when it’s cool, quiet and dark. 

Design your room practically that eliminates disruptions and distractions. Introduce warm and welcoming colors that are calming to your eyes. Reduce clutter as visual clutter can induce stress, thus affecting your sleep.

In a poll, conducted by National Sleep Foundation, it was found that 93% people highlighted the importance of a comfortable mattress to help get a quality sleep. For mattress being a huge investment, people who cannot purchase one can always opt for a mattress topper. With bed being the centerpiece of your bedroom, everything that goes on it is utterly important for your sleep. Buy pillows that support your neck adequately that prevent any neck pain and align your spine with your head perfectly. 

Invest in bedding that is inviting can bring peace to your mind helping you relax and feel warm and cozy in your bed. Select the fabric that helps regulate your body temperature. Regularly washing your bedding articles can help get rid of dust and any built-up allergens – Never underestimate the power of freshly laundered sheets when it comes to a deep slumber.

Helping you create an environment that supports quality sleep

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