Make Your Home Ready For A Festive Celebration

Make Your Home Ready For A Festive Celebration

Festivals call for celebrations; and celebrations call for family reunions at home. Eid, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries are such special occasions when everyone gets to make new memories while celebrating this joyous event. Especially when it’s coming after being away from each other for so long due to the ongoing pandemic. Here is a guide to make your home more welcoming than ever before!

First Things First - Let’s Clean

You cannot decorate a space that isn’t clean. Make a cleaning checklist for a thorough clean up of your home. From floor to ceiling, and from living room to your bathroom, everything must be cleaned.

Get your mirror cleaner and a microfiber cloth ready to clean your mirrors and windows. We never recommend using paper towels for this purpose, as they leave behind residue that makes your mirror look dusty. After cleaning your mirrors, dust every nook and corner of your house, sweeping away spider webs, too. Vacuum your sofas and carpets.

Add Some Sparkle

Who doesn’t like a little sparkle at a festive décor! Add flowers and dots of sparkles to live up to the festive vibe.  Buy some fairy lights online and hang them down from your curtain railings, creating an effect of life and magic.

Choosing the right cushion covers can add more value to any space, whether it’s your couch or your bed, they can make any piece of furniture the centre of attention. Choosing the colour palette helps a lot to accentuate and complement your house on a festive gathering. Go for the right shapes and sizes for digital printed cushions, and experiment on layering and arranging them well; the more luxurious. Don’t forget to insert the right filling to make fluffy balls of happiness sit on your furniture. 


Make A Statement

Be more precise about choosing bedding for each room, whether you go for a simple or a more luxurious bedding, keep the palette festive yet neutral for every room. Throw cushions where necessary and do not forget to layer your bedding for a more welcoming vibe. Add natural flowers on your side tables with some decorative ornaments or books. Add some frames with meaningful or complementary pictures to finish the look, and your rooms are ready to make a statement.