How to make your bed as fresh as new?

How to make your bed as fresh as new?

Your bedroom is your den and who wouldn’t want the best sanctuary for themselves! We spend almost one-third of our life in bed, that might sound too comfortable for some people but around this time a lot of dirt and sweat accumulates in your bed which results in unwanted odour and allergens. And it actually affects the quality of sleep that you desire.

Maintain Good Bed Hygiene 

Get your bed habits right today! Avoid bringing your food and drinks to bed because it's a heavy investment we’re talking about. A little spill from your protein shake can cause a stain on your bed sheet and penetration in your mattress. We are sure no one wants to end up hugging germs and loose crumbs when having sweet dreams.

Clean, Clean and Clean 

We always hear about laundering sheets but very few people talk about “mattress cleanliness”. Your mattress does absorb sweat and dirt which requires regular cleaning to ensure your bed hygiene. It’s a great opportunity to vacuum your mattress when you take off your sheets for washing. This will remove dust and any unwanted particles resting on your mattress.


Mattress Hygiene

You should also deodorize your mattress to elongate your mattress health. Mix one part of water with one part of vinegar and spray the solution on your mattress. Leave it for twenty minutes, and it will leave your mattress fresh and clean.

Take Care of Your Sheets

How often you change your sheets completely depends on your choice but we do recommend changing your sheets once a week. To launder them follow the care instructions provided with your bedding. In case of a stain on your sheet, clean it with stain removal products, and then wash your linen with your favourite soap or detergent. After drying, fold and store your bedding properly when not in use.

Keep Your Pillows and Comforters in Better Shape and Health 

Deep cleanse your filled pillows and comforters at least twice a year, for they get to absorb our sweat and drool. Get your comforters dry cleaned if you cannot wash them at home. Wash no more than two filled pillows in your washing machine, and while drying your pillows throw some tennis balls with them, to maintain their fluffiness.

Believe you me, there’s nothing better than freshly laundered bedding!

Long Live The Sheets! 

Using the same set of two to three sheets makes them dull and boring. To cherish your bedding, invest in bedding. One must own at least more than six bedding sets at a time for the longevity of bedding sheets. It actually saves you from your laundry trips. Do you need some good options for your taste? Here’s a variety of Bed Sheets – Tulips with different color and print options. 

Add Linen Scents


According to a study conducted by National Sleep Foundation; 2011 Bedroom Poll | Sleep Foundation the participants reported that sheets with clean fresh scent help them sleep more comfortably. 

  • 78% were excited to go to bed on sheets with fresh scents
  • 71% got a more comfortable sleep on sheets with fresh scents

Essential oils, such as lavender oil and chamomile oil, help you not only achieve a good night’s sleep but also heightens the feeling of freshness in your bed. 

Freshly laundered sheets with fluffy pillows and snugly duvet; your bed is in the best shape of its life!