The best way to make a bed: What and Why?

The best way to make a bed: What and Why?

You keep coming back to this one room in your house, every day; your bedroom. And as the day sits at the back and lets the moon shine, or when you’re working from home and get exhausted from the online work, it’s the need of a coziest bed that settles in. After all, everyone deserves the best bed. So, here’s a surprisingly easy guide that can help you create the coziest bed of all times.

Cleanliness is the key

You can only have a clear mind when you have cleaner surroundings. So the first step to enjoy a comfort driven day/night snuggle is to make your bed clean. It should be the first thing that you do after waking up. While making your bed, make sure you don't put your pillows or sheets on the floor, unless you plan on throwing them in your laundry basket. You may try shaking your sheets to get away with tidbits your kids have thrown.

Layering never went out of fashion

Layering is crucial to make your bed more welcoming. Start with placing a mattress protector hugging your mattress securely with elastic edges for an additional layer of coziness. It actually saves your mattress from liquid spills, thus saving from another mess.

Add a fitted sheet next , tucking everything in tight, for a comfortable sleeping surface. You may shop the matching ones with your quilt covers or buy some individual pieces to mix and match.


here you can find a variety of patterns to mix and match with your bedding

Next, go for some crisp cotton bed sheets tucked in tightly with the famous hospital corners. Make sure to straighten out any wrinkles. Now while choosing a flat sheet, do not fall into this idea of buying the sheets with the higher thread count because the secret to cozy bedding is not the thread count but what feels soft and comfortable to you.

Finish off the layering with a decently folded quilt on the foot board of your bed. You can either choose a horizontal position or a tilted one for this layer. The decision to put a light or a heavy quilt on your bed depends upon the weather and climate of your region. 

The sleeping heaven; your pillows

Climbing into a perfect sleeping haven becomes a dream come true when the rightly fluffed pillows  are added onto your bed. Making room for more than two pillows on a well-made bed makes you feel ‘snug as a bug in a rug’. They definitely add the feel of comfort and coziness to your bed.

Accessorize your bed

Adding a little bit of colors to your bed gives a new look to your bedroom, making it too pretty to be messed up. Accessorize your bed with delicate cushion adding finishing touches.

That’s how you make your bed

Choosing the right prints while mixing and matching different layers, paired up with fluffy pillows and cushions turn your bed into a heaven of its own keeping comfort and coziness intact. 

Enjoy recreating your bed as much as we enjoyed telling you about it!